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How I Plan To Reach My Hair Goal

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Currently I am at armpit length. I set myself a goal to reach bra strap length at the end of this year when I end my 6 month stretch, I think this goal I've set for myself is realistic. I'm also going to be carrying out some new additions to my help me reach this goal.

The first method is the addition of my sulphur oil, which you can read more about it here.
BUNNING!, I'm a girl that loves having my hair down, but if I want to reach my goal I know I need to stop letting my hair down and come to love bunning.
I need to get my hair balanced when it comes to moisture and protein (yes I'm still working on it lol, I will get there eventually).
I'm going to be working on my all round health too, this means I will be upping my water intake, getting some more exercise and hopefully adopting a healthier diet.

If I stick to my word and do all these things, I hope to be writing a post in December/January claiming my new length, wish me luck! 


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