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Girl I Finally Have Laid Edges!!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

I bet some of you are reading the title of this post, thinking what is the big deal?
Well... I have never had sleek edges in my hair journey, the beloved Organic Root Stimulator Edge Control so many ladies love, did not work in my hair.

For a while I have seen some posts and videos about Eco Styler Gel. I'm not to sure why it had taken me so long to try this product, I guess having sleek edges was never a priority of mine, because I thought I would never have them.

Eco Styler Gel come in different versions, I decided to go for the Moroccan Argan Oil Gel.
I brought this product from my local hair shop, I cannot remember the exact price, but it was no more than £3.50, and you get so much product for such a low price.

My 3 steps to achieve sleek edges:
(1) Distribute gel evenly on edges (less is more)
(2) Use a boar bristle brush, to work the gel into your edges
(3) Use a silk scarf to tie down your edges (leave on for about 10 minutes)

I am so pleased with this product, I cannot fault it at all. This definitely is my go to product, when my edges are getting a little wild.

I've read that some ladies use Eco Styler Gel to help define their braidouts/twistouts, I might give that a try on my next wash day.

What products do you use to tame your edges?

Guess Who Is on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Hey everyone!

you can follow me @Wishfullengths

Let me know your user names in the comments,
Hope to see you over there :)

My September Goals!

Sunday, 1 September 2013

I am on a roll with posts today!
Am I the only one who makes monthly goals in their head? Needless to say I do not follow through with them.

It's time to make things a little more official, I feel like when I share things on my blog I am more likely to do them, so fingers crossed.

1. Moisturise and Seal daily
I have been so carefree about this lately.

2. Go to the gym at least 5 times a week
This fat has go to go!!

3. Drink atleast 2 litres of water a day
This should be a goal for everyone!!

4. Start pre-pooing with a hot oil treatment

What are your September goals?
Haven't made any yet? ...Well you better get started!

Not Happy With My Hair Texture

Hello everyone, hope you are all well.
 I have been meaning to write this post for some time now but I have been putting it off (I guess that university student procrastination is still with me lol).
So when I first relaxed with Affirm FiberGuard Conditioning Crème Relaxer (in normal), I was expecting my hair to come out bone-straight, well after a few washes I realised my hair still had some texture to it. I wasn't too fussed about the texture, I think it was at that point where I was like, ok so I  am now texlaxed.

After relaxing my hair several times with Affirm, I noticed my hair was being left with a more prominent hair texture, one that I was not happy with. I attributed this to me skipping the ‘smoothing’ step in the relaxing process. The texture of my hair resembled a loosened curl pattern of my natural hair (if that makes sense), I hoped my texlaxed texture would have been a little more straighter.

I have tried to do corrective relaxers to obtain the texture I desire, but for some reason this relaxer just won’t give it to me!

With all that being said, I have decided to change relaxer to organic root stimulator lye in normal, I have heard many great things about this relaxer, and hope to receive some good results from using it.

Now the change in relaxer, doesn't mean I think negatively about the affirm relaxer, I think my results may be due to a lack of knowledge about the product on my half.

Learn from my mistakes! – What would I have done differently?
Don’t assume your hair texture is normal, in my case I may have seen the results I wanted if I reached for the stronger relaxer.
Which brings me onto my second point, DO STRAND TESTS!!!
Seriously, before you relax your hair, collect hair strands that you have shed, and apply relaxer on them, testing about different times etc, this will allow you to monitor how long it takes the relaxer to give you your desired hair texture.
Now I am at a point in my hair journey where I am unsure what to do. I do not know whether to correct my previously texlaxed texture to one more suitable for me, or do I correct the previous texlaxed texture to bone straight. I think because I have so much texture in my hair already, going bone straight sounds pretty ideal, but I do LOVE the thickness of my hair, which I know I am going to miss if I was to go bone straight.

Well, there is no rush anyway; I am going to think carefully about this decision. Thinking aloud, the rational decision would be to relax my hair to an ideal texlaxed texture, that way if I feel like I want my hair straighter I could always achieve that. As opposed to relaxing my hair bone straight and hating it, and having to live with it because the process is irreversible.

I will let you know what I decide to do :)

July Favourites

Friday, 19 July 2013

The month of July hasn't quite passed, but that doesn't stop me from making my favourites for this month.

1. Hercules Sagemann seamless comb - excellent for comb chase method when straightening your hair.
2. Elasta QP Olive oil and mango butter - great moisturiser, doesn't weight down my straightened hair which is a bonus.
3. Coconut oil - I LOVE this all, its such a good allrounder, I use it to cook with, skin care and hair care!
4. FHI Take the heat - Amazing straightener, makes my hair so silky and soft.
5. Tweezerman Hair Shears - great pair of hair shears, nice and sharp!
6. Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum - Love this stuff, great before rollersetting, great to smooth down styled hair, and it's super light!

Hair Update

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Hello everyone!
It feels great to be back, for those who didn't know, I took a break from blogging to concentrate on finishing my degree, I am now a graduate of psychology yay!!

Due to the amount of time spent on studying for my degree, proper care for my hair wasn't a priority. I still managed my weekly washes, but my moisturising and sealing wasn't as regular as it should of been.

So on Wednesday it was my graduation, so I decided to straighten my hair for the ceremony.

The picture on the left (taken December) was the latest picture of my straightened hair that was posted on my blog. I love doing comparison pictures, makes it so clear on the areas of my hair that have improved, I'm glad to see the sides of my hair are beginning to catch up with the middle.

The longer hairs were about bsl, but that wasn't for long as I have just finished giving my hair a much needed trim. 

Excuse the poor quality of the picture, had to use my iphones front camera in the mirror.
This isn't the neatest of trims, but I don't mind because the focus here was really getting rid of the scraggly ends. I will probably be getting a professional trim in maybe 2/3 months time just to tidy up my ends, but at the time being I am happy with my hair.

I'm ready to get back on my A game!!
Blogging definitely gives me the motivation to carry on with my healthy hair journey.
I'm so glad to be back :)

I'm Back!!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Im back :)
Look out for my hair update post tomorrow!

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