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I Gave My Friend A Rollerset (Pics)

Friday, 9 November 2012

So my friend Naomi (Hey Nai), has officially started her hair journey (yay!!), she expressed to me previously how she didn't like the results of her rollersets, so to help her out I decided it would be a nice idea to do her wash day and end it with a rollerset.

I basically used all the products I would use on my wash day and see how they would work on her hair,
I decided to deep condition on dry hair using Matrix Conditioning Balm + Roux porosity control + coconut oil, I put her under the dryer for 30 mins.
I then shampooed her hair with paul mitchell super skinny shampoo and followed that with paul mitchell super skinny daily treatment and did a final rinse with cold water.
I will be doing a review on the paul mitchell super skinny line, watch out for that

For leave ins I used
paul mitchell moisture moist
chi keratin mist
paul mitchell super skinny relaxing serum

This was her hair before


... and after!!!
I think her hair came out pretty well! 
It felt very soft and moisturised, amazing how we achieved such great results after one wash day, can you imagine how her hair will progress if she maintains a healthy regimen?

Have you managed to get any of your friends into a hair journey?


  1. Replies
    1. It did, didn't it, think it may have turned out nicer than when I do my own rollersets lol.

  2. Looks great, love the first shot of it down.

    1. me too! that's my favourite one also, think that was when I first took out the rollers.

  3. Her hair looks so nice after the roller set! I definitely need to learn how to do them
    I've never tried to get my friends into a hair journey, but would be cool if I could convince one

    1. You should learn! although they are a bloody pain to master, I still find myself struggling but the results are great.

  4. You did a fab roller set on her. Excellent results!!

  5. You did a great job!!!!! Looks like she has more hair than when you started! Do you have magic hands...?

    1. Your comment made me laugh!! magic hands lmao!
      Thank you! I was pleasantly surprised with her results too! couldn't believe it turned out so well!


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