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Metal Clips For Rollersetting

Friday, 16 November 2012

I have been trying to find metal clips that fit inside the roller, for when I do rollersets.
I know these clips are readily available in the US, but over here in the UK they are much harder to find, however I think I have found some, I just want someone to confirm these will do the job? 
Here are the ones I have come across, what do you think? all responses are welcome!
Thanks in advance

For those wondering why I want these particular clips for when I rollerset I shall explain why.
Having clips that fit inside the roller, makes the roller fit more securely to your hair, and it also takes up less room around your hair, so you are more freely able to fit rollers on your head, and it might actually make the experience more comfortable, I for one have experienced MINOR pain trying to fit all rollers securely on my head.
hope that helps


  1. They will work. You can also find Them on eBay.

    One tip, get lots - a box between 75 and 100 you'll be amazed how many it takes for one roller set (I also use mine during relaxer day for the half and half method). I have the Sibel brand. I'm also UK based.


    1. Thanks for your help, I think I already own the Sibel brand clips, but the problem I have with them is the 'head' of the clip sits outside the roller as supposed to inside, if that makes sense?

      I use mine for relaxer days aswell! they are so handy :)

  2. I don't have an image to compare but if they are the double pronged clips those are the ones I use because when I slide them in the rollers they only take up about half the roller. So if I need to double clip a few pieces I can.

    1. Thank you for your advice :)
      I find myself currently having to use 2 clips per roller to get a good secure fit.

  3. I'm looking into purchasing a dryer so that I can start doing roller sets... I can't wait

  4. Have you tried superdrugs... i got mine from there.

    there's which are smaller http://www.superdrug.com/hair/superdrug-curl-clips-x10/invt/604526/&bklist=
    (i use these - very strong)
    or the longer ones

    1. Wow, I would never think of looking in superdrug, thank you for your suggestion :)


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