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The Battle of the Metal Clips - Follow Up Post

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Today I used these clips to do my rollerset, and I don't have good news.
If you look on the clip where I have placed the circle, there is a small bar. Now this creates a problem when your trying to push the clip along your scalp because your hair gets in the way, does this make sense?

As opposed to a regular curl clip (pictured below) which will just have just the fork ends, this makes it easy for the clip to slide through your hair and grip onto the roller, but the roller pictured above has that small bar which doesn't enable to clip to slide through the hair.

I did manage to use the clips but it was very awkward to use, and in some parts I just returned to my old clips. *SIGHHHH* this is soo annoying!
 I don't understand why the people who made the clips but that stupid bar there, so the search continues, until then I think I will just put with these clips until I find the one I'm after, Im tempted to cut the little bar off but I don't know what I'd use to do that with.

Just Thought I would let you guys know.


  1. Wow why did they made it that way! Doesn't makes sense at all. Such a bummer :( I will continue to search too.

    p.s I couldn't purchase them anyway, I can't buy via Amazon.

  2. I just went to check my clips because I didn't remember seeing a bar on mine and they look like the ones you just bought. Turns out they are almost identical to the ones you just bought but I have no bar at the bottom just one the top. I just looked up what brand I think it was--cause I tossed the box a long time ago--it's called Salon Care in the US. I found them online at Sally's and Amazon.

    1. Don't think we have the brand Salon Care in the UK, I will keep a look out on Amazon UK and ebay though!
      Thanks so much

  3. Awwwww, I see what you mean! Personally I switched over to picks when I started using the plastic mesh rollers, you may wanna try that.

    1. You know I was actually thinking about this today, thanks for the suggestion, I think on my next day I will try them out. Fingers cross they work for me.


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