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Can Damaged Ends Really Be Saved?

Sunday, 16 October 2011

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My hair isn't in the condition I would like it to be, and that's why when I get my next relaxer I want to chop off 2 inches. For some time now I have heard many ladies talking about 'babying their damage' or doing some methods to try reserve the damage, and of course some products I have claim to 'restore damage' etc. 
My question to you is, can damaged hair really be saved? I was under the impression that once your hair is damaged the only option is to remove the damage i.e get a trim/cut. 
Now of course like many of you, if I can save my damaged ends without cutting them that would be great! show me this brilliant method, but realistically in the end aren't we going to have to cut it off anyway. I just don't see how increasing the amount of times you deep condition your hair or doing whatever, is going to cure your damaged ends.

I would love to know what you ladies think. Am I wrong? Can we save our damaged ends? If you have any tricks/tips feel free to share them :) 


  1. I think there is a limit to how much you can "save" them. I mean obviously your ends need more mosturise and everything but if they are completely damaged the best thing is probably to chop them off, or only a little bit.. I think it also depends on the look. You can't FIX damaged ends but you can prevent them from getting worse.. I think some people prefer to chop them off because it looks neater.. Xx

  2. I totally agree with you!
    That was a good response x

  3. Oh thats great what did you put in your shea mix? x

  4. Also agree... alot of times its wishful thinking, any remedy out there besides trimming is temporary n not permanent.

  5. Yes defiantly, thanks for the replies ladies. Its really interesting seeing your opinions, helps my understanding more :)

  6. I will let you know how the mix worked for me xx Have a good evening

  7. This one is called Gym Goal (or Gym dumbbell work out is the free version).. I've got the Nike app!! But that's showing you what you can do, Gym Goal is more to track what you've done, and when.. Xx


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