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Thursday, 13 October 2011

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I received my first tag today, yay!! 
The lovely Tris from Texlaxed & Things tagged me, check her out here :)
Name your favourite song: I never have a favourite song! Favourite album? Loving adeles 21
Name your favourite dessertPizza hut hot cookie dough, yum!
What pisses you offUncleanliness 
When you're upset, you: Go watch movies and feel sorry for myself lol
Your favourite pet: my cat tai! He is such a cutie 
Black or white: Black
Your biggest fear: Failure
Best feature: My personality :D 
 Everyday attitude: 'When i come back from my lectures i'm not going to have a nap' LOL seriously, going to uni lectures just makes me tired :(
What is perfection: Accomplishing something I really tried to do well in
Guilty pleasure:  splurging on something I know I shouldn't i.e makeup/clothes :(

7 random facts about myself
I'm really short like 5ft
I'm studying psychology at university
I recently got my first proper job lmao
I wear glasses 
I dream about moving to the US when i'm older
I have never been on a roller-coaster, :( I have a big fear of heights
I love to sleep during the day :D 

10 blogs I'm awards this to...
1. Yolandaas
2. Simply Into My Hair
3. Just Grow Already
4. 6 Foot Long Hair
5. Cool Beans
6. Haute Pink Heels
7. Kennayo
8. Thick Beautiful Hair Journey
9. TaysNoteBook
10. The Healthy Hair Care Journey
Last two ladies added!
Enjoy ladies :) x


  1. I'm a Psy major also...I completely understand your sentiments about being tired.

  2. Thanks!
    I'll be sure to do a post on this soon.


  3. Thanks hunn!! Thats so nice of you.. keep u pyour great blog & have a nice day xx

  4. Thank you for the award!

    Psychology was one of my majors as well (I doubled majored with sociology).

    :) Jen

  5. Your welcome ladies! :)
    Psychology is such a popular choice isn't it!

  6. LoL I'm all late because I've been out of the states. Thanks for the award! (^_^)

    I studied psych in collge (university) too! And you dream of moving to the US, I'm dreaming of moving out of it, lol.

    I'll complete the tag when I get back!

  7. You welcome KayTee :)
    haha we should just swap places!
    Hope you have fun doing the tag :D

  8. Thank you so much for the award, I just said "Yaaay" out loud :P <3


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