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I Hate My Hooded Dryer

Monday, 9 July 2012

I seriously hate it!
I think it's another reason why I dread doing rollersets.

I don't mind going under the dryer for deep conditioning because I know I won't be under there for long, but for rollersets it's such a struggle.
I dropped the dryer a few months ago and now when the dryer is put together sometimes the hood will disconnect from the body and falls on my head, SOOO annoying!

I have been on the hunt for a standing dryer but it seems impossible to find one that reaches all my needs
* It needs to be at a reasonable price
* Over 1500 Watts (My current dryer is 1200 watts)
* A timing system would be good but isn't compulsory

I so desperately want the Pebco iconic dryer, but it doesn't seem to be available in the UK 

Any ladies in the UK have a good standing hooded dryer they recommend?


  1. Sorry to here it keeps dropping on your head. OUCH!!!!!

    Some of my friends either got theres from Argos or Ebay, None of them have complained so it might be worth looking.


    1. LOL yeeee it hurts :(, my fault though, shouldn't of dropped it!

      I shall have a look on them sites, hmmm maybe i'm a bit too fussy lol

  2. Sorry, I can't help. I seem to have the same dryer as you - the Babyliss one in black with gold flecks. It works okay for me though - although it hardly ever gets used!

    Have you tried Ebay or Amazon for a decent free standing one?


    1. Thank you for your suggestions, I have checked amazon and compared to the specifications US ladies get for their hooded dryers, Uk free standing dryers are just so over priced

      I may have to compromise on what i'm looking for :(

  3. OMG I too am having serious issues in finding a decent hooded dryer in the UK it seems they only sell ones that go up to max 1200 watts and the only one being promoted is the Babyliss brand which by reading many reviews are generally bought for old age pensioners or nursing homes!! I mean where am I? The UK cannot seriously be that ancient! In the USA you have so many available you can even buy one with 2200 watts no problem. I'm so upset I have been looking for a long time now. I'm just thinking about asking a salon directly what kinds they use.

    1. I feel your pain!
      I checked a few websites that provided equipment for salons and the prices they charge for the specifications of the dryer is a joke! especially how I know how much the ladies pay in the US for fantastic dryers.
      If you find anything do let me know :)


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