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Wash Day & Rollerset

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Haven't written a post in a while, just because I'm lazy lol, I have so many drafts! but can never find the motivation to complete them.

My wash today was really simple
I deep conditioned with matrix ultra hydrating balm
Shampooed with Giovanni 50:50 balanced shampoo
and used roux porosity control for 30 seconds

(I often change the order of deep conditioning and shampoo-ing depending on my mood)

I'm tackling one of my hair styling obstacles today which is rollersetting!
Ebony made such a good video on mesh rollers and had me sold so I purchased some haha, and I tried to use Jeni's roller placement technique, major emphasis on TRIED! lol
I love how the blogs I regularly read are helping me with my hair! thanks ladies

The leave-ins I used today to help aid a successful rollerset were...
*Giovanni direct leave in
*Elasta qp H20 leave in
*Chi keratin mist
*Chi silk infusion

When rollersetting I do try to use leave-ins that are very light, so I don't have a weighed down rollerset

I do apologise for some of the awkward angles trying to take pictures, I wanted to avoid my face getting in the camera lol, you know how it is with wash days! especially when you have been sitting under the dryer for over an hour smh!

In the pictures below I just finger combined through the curls to achieve my desired look
I should also add, I lightly flat ironed my bangs, but didn't bother flat iron my roots

What methods do you abide by, to achieve your successful rollersets?
ALL advice is welcomed :)


  1. It came out nicely!! Mesh rollers are awesome!

    1. Thank you!
      lool I know ye, my magnetic rollers have been pushed to the side :)

  2. cute rollerset. it looks very smooth :).


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