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My First Rollerset!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

I've always wanted to try rollersets, but i've never got round to doing one. I have all the utensils to rollerset so I thought lets give it a go! I've seen so many rollerset tutorials, and seen the amazing results some women get so of course I had some high expectations.

I love the way her hair looks bouncy and soft, needless to say I was a little disappointed when I took my hair out the rollers, it wasn't as bouncy as I imagined but I decided to do a saran wrap and I was actually happy with the results. I mean its my first rollerset I can't expect perfection!
So how did I do this OK rollerset you ask? (LOL)
I deep conditioned over night and cowashed the next day, I used water based leave-ins because I wanted my hair to be as light as possible and I made sure to use heat protectant and used some serum. I then let my hair air dry to about 80%. I did the 'mohawk' placement of rollers making sure I re-sprayed each section with water before adding the rollers.
I stayed under the dryer for 90mins, then saran wrapped my hair for about 10 minutes.

I plan to be rollersetting more often to help tame my new growth as I deepen into my stretch.
If you have any good rollersetting tips lets me know! 


  1. Yours came out well for your first time. It NEVER works for me, my hair comes out dry & crispy every time.

  2. Aww thank you, maybe its the products you use?
    Maybe try to rollerset after you deep condition your hair, that could help. I made sure to use some leave in conditioner on each section before I placed in the rollers. If you try it again let me know how it works out x


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