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My Sulphur Oil Mix

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Sublimed sulphur has many uses when applied to the scalp, it is known to relieve itchy/irritable scalps and it also promotes growth. I personally use the sulphur for it's properties to promote hair growth. If you want to implement sulphur oil into your regimen you need to make sure your mixture contains only 10% (a teaspoon of sublimed sulphur and 8oz of oil) or less of sulphur, as anything above can lead to side effects such as headaches.

My mixture contains:
1 teaspoon of sublimed sulphur - I purchased this from a store on ebay
2 oz JBCO
6oz Africa's Best Herbal Oil
& 4-6 drops of PPO

I put all the ingredients in a scalp applicator bottle, but when im going to apply the oil to my scalp i mix it thoroughly and then dispense some into a little dish, then I use my fingers and massage it into my scalp. I used to apply it straight from the applicator bottle but using my fingers allows to focus the oil on my scalp without it transferring onto my hair.

Before Mix

  • Sulphur is extremely drying to the hair so only focus the oil on your scalp and be sure to regularly moisturise and seal your hair.
  • Only use 10% of sulphur in your mixture to avoid headaches, and do a test patch before using the mixture all over your scalp. 
If your interested in using sulphur and want more advice leave a comment, or come join us at The Hairlista Group.

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  1. Hello! Please forgive me if you have made posts on this since, but I was just wondering if you are still using the sulfur? For so long I've been considering using this but each review keeps swaying my decision LOL

    Aisha @ growrelaxedhair.blogspot.com


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