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Thinking Out Loud: Deep Conditioning

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Am I the only person who thinks about their hair journey or products before going to bed?
Well last night I was thinking about deep conditioning, and the things I look for in a good deep conditioner, and I was left with some questions I found myself unable to answer.

My first question to you is, what do you look for in a good deep conditioner?
The most obvious answer is a product that can moisturise your hair and leave your hair feeling soft, yes ok but aside from that what do you look for?
For me value for money is a must!
I find myself saturating my hair with deep conditioner, so I need a product that I can buy in bigger sizes, (this is why I have slightly negative thoughts about kerastase products). Then I found myself wondering, well do you need to saturate your hair in deep conditioner in order for your hair to be properly conditioned?

I suppose the well known phrase makes it's appearance here 'everyone's hair is different, and what works for someone else may not work for you'

I really don't know about this one, maybe I should do some experimenting.

Any thoughts?


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