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I Got A Trim!! (PICS)

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

I finally got myself a trim 

When I previously relaxed my hair, my hair was growing into a U shape,
 you can see from the picture below my sides were significantly shorter than the middle part of my hair.

My hair stylist talked me through my hair and she asked me whether to cut it to the length of my sides (GASP!!) or to cut some layers in to my hair to even out my length

Well I'm sure you guessed that I went with the second option


What do you think?
I'm not to sure how much she actually cut off, but you can judge for yourself,
I think my hair looks so much better!
My ends don't feel as dry and rough as they used to,
trims aren't that bad are they?


  1. OMG, we are learning the same lesson! I wish I'd been trimming more often and I recently did the exact same thing and my hair also looks much better.

    Your final results are so pretty, your stylist did a great job!

    1. Yes we are!
      Thank you, it's amazing how losing a little bit of your hair can improve your hair on some many levels!

  2. Your hair looks beautiful! It still has a lot of length and it looks very healthy.

    ~Please delete my last comment..pretty sure I had a spelling error :-)

    1. Thank you!
      Your comment means a lot, now my only challenge will be maintaining the overall health of my hair and welcoming the growth that comes with it :)

  3. Your hair looks lovely! It doesn't look like she cut off that much either.
    I think my hair is currently growing in a U shape but i keep putting off getting a proper trim lol x

    1. Thank you :)
      Rebecca go and get your trim! you will feel so much better!!

  4. your hair looks great! it doesn't look like you lost much length at all, nice trim :)

    1. Thank you,
      I was very happy when I seen I still had some length :)

  5. I love the shine! Your hair looks great. Your stylist did a good job with your trim!


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