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Best Wash Day Ever!!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Pretend your reading this post on Sunday, I forgot to post it :)
I'm actually surprised how easy todays wash day was, especially my rollerset.

My wash day was pretty simple...

Overnight pre-poo with grapeseed + sweet almond oil
Shampoo with Elasta QP Creme Conditioning Shampoo
Roux Porosity control
Deep condition for an hour w/o heat with kerastase nutri thermique *

* If you read my previous post, I expressed slight negativity towards kerastase products because I was in the mentaitily that inorder for your hair to be properly conditioned it needs to be satured with conditioner, and kerastase deep conditioners come in small jars and they are on the pricey side. Well today I did a little experimenting and I used the amount of a 50p piece per section in my hair and I had a total of 9-12 sections, this is signifcantly less than I would normally use on a regular wash day where I would saturate my hair.

I must admit my hair doesn't seem noticabely different (when comparing how my hair feels when I have used plenty deep conditioner), I even thought I would be at a disadvantage for not using heat when deep conditioning but today my hair just listened to me from beginning to end.

There is no secret during my hair journey, rollersets have been one of my biggest hurdles, on a regular day I can achieve a cute looking rollerset, but the problem I have is with my method of placing the rollers. 2 weeks ago, I can remember being so fustrated with myself because I sucked at putting the rollers in my hair, but I told myself I'm going to do it every week until I can do it with no problems at all!

I must attribute some sucess of my rollerset  to sectioning my hair, and plaiting it in the sections I am going to rollerset, so today I did the mohawk method and for the vertical middle section of my hair, I divded that into 3 sections which included 3 plaits and that divded into another 3 sections to make the plait? if that makes sense? So when it came to rollersetting the vertical section of hair I used a total of 9 rollers.

Another hurdle of my hair journey has to be detangling!
and for some reason today detangling was not an issue at all, I detangled my hair in the sections again and it was quite easy.

I decided to do a saran wrap after my rollerset was done which I was also impressed with.


eeek! excuse the poor quality mirror picture, no one was around to take a pic for me haha

Final conclusions
Well to answer my previous post, for my hair, it does not need to be throughouly saturated inorder to feel properly conditioned, I understand I am making this judgement from only one wash day, which is why I will continue to experiment and I shall share my findings :)


  1. Love the shine, fullness, and how great your ends look!

  2. lovely results! i also find when i use slightly less conditioner i achieve similar results to when my hair is saturated... i'm glad your wash days are going well, an easy wash day can make all the difference :)

    1. It's such a great feeling when your finally understanding your hair.
      Easy wash days are the best!

  3. Very nice results! Love the pink lips!! What color/brand?

    1. Thank you! I used Nyx San Paulo lip cream mixed with a white lip paint, but mac's speak louder gives the same effect when used lightly.


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