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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Hello there!
Haven't blogged in a while, I currently have an immense amount of assignments due in and lovely exams to revise for, so of course blogging has taken a little back seat.
 Just thought I would check in with you guys share what's going on with me and my hair...

  • I will be 3 months post relaxer on the 7th, cannot decide whether I want to relax or continue on stretching.
  • My ends need a good trim, I wanted to do frequent trims to get my ends more healthy, but without owning a pair of hair shears, that's not really an option.
    Can any of you guys recommend a good pair? Think it's time I brought myself some.
  • I've been saying for the longest time I want to try henna/indigo, not to sure whether this is a smart move when I have new growth to work with, but I may just purchase it so I know it's there.
  • Think I'm finally going to make myself a half wig, seems like a good move to help me deal with the health of my hair.

That's it from me, until next time...
Take care :)


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