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HOTD - Bunning Away!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Wearing a bun can be so refreshing when you haven't worn one in so long, it's nice to have a face free of hair lol, (excuse the messy bedroom in the picture, major laziness going on right now).

To achieve this style, last night I moisturised and sealed my hair, put my hair in several braids and did the GHE. In the morning I took out the braids, finger combed my hair and just applied a scarf to lay down my edges, put it in a bun and your good to go!

I'm setting myself a challenge to be free of heat for a month, having my hair straight looks so pretty, but because I don't like my hair to be weighed down, I get reluctant to moisture and seal my hair on a regular basis, which is just asking for trouble.

How are you guys wearing your hair today?
Any fellow bunners? LOL


  1. I've got the same situation going on. Your bun looks super cute!

  2. Cute bun, I love high placed buns! My hair is currently in a bun. I love buns because I can moisturize and seal as often as I want, have my fine hair be weighed down and clumped together and still throw my hair in a bun and be good to go.

  3. I'm bunning... not cute bunning like you, either; LAZY bunning! =)

  4. Your bun is so cute, I love high buns
    I've been rocking one all weekend but I put my hair back in Weave yesterday and i miss my bun already :( lol
    Kiwi ..x

  5. In a bun too! This is totally random but I've stretched my relaxer for so long that I have about 4 "twists" of curls.. (about 1 or 1-1,5 inch long).. and Seeing my curly hair has kind of facinated me to go natural :o Im not sure yet though.. anyway just sharing my random though haha.. Take Care xx //http://yolandaas.blogspot.com/

  6. Aww that's good to hear, congratulations!
    You should go natural if your up for it, would be a nice journey to document on your blog :)

  7. Thanks Jen
    That's exactly why I love to bun aswell :)

  8. haha you should see my bun when I go to work!
    Extreme lazy bunning lol :)

  9. Thank you :)
    aww! just think of all the buns to come when you have your weave out.


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