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Todays Lazy Wash Day - 22 Weeks Post

Saturday, 3 December 2011

So for today's wash day I decided to do things a little differently. I'm trying to use up my products before I buy some new ones, so today I decided to finish the lustrasilk aloe vera cholestoral deep conditioner, I applied this liberally to my hair (roots first then all the way down the hair shaft focusing on the ends). I left this on my hair for about 2 hours while I had a nap, I then rinsed out the deep conditioner and applied the elvive full restore masque, let that sit for 2 minutes then rinsed, now I was going to cowash but I left my conditioner in my room and couldn't be bothered to get it so just towel dried my hair, (I'm naughty I know haha).

After applying my leave ins (Elasta H20 and beautiful ends) I applied a little of the cantu shea butter serum and decided to detangle (note I have never used the serum to aid in detangling my hair).
Now I'm not sure what product it was, but this one of the first times I actually didn't hate detangling my hair with all my new growth, and when I think back and compare the hair loss I got this time I don't think it's a lot, obviously it still may be a lot compared to the hair loss some of you ladies receive after detangling but I don't think I will see a major improvement in the hair lost through the detangling process after I get a good chop because I'm not to happy with the health of my ends.

Now normally I detangle my hair before I apply my deep conditioner, so I was shocked to see what happens when I comb my semi wet hair, check out the pics...

POOF! Where did all this hair come from? 


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