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My New Naughty Hair Goodies

Monday, 12 December 2011

So a few months back my straighteners broke, and although I don't use them often, a girl needs a pair of straighteners!
I've head such great things about GHD's, CHI and the FHI so I was doing some searching around and the FHI popped out to me, I love how you can control the temperature of the straightener, and people always have good things to say about this brand.
Knowing the FHIs are primarily based in America I was prepared to pay a little extra for postage and packing.
Would you imagine my surprise when I found the straighteners on a UK site, with such an AMAZING deal.
 Look fantastic are selling the FHI Heat The Session Pack which retails at £119.95 for £84.95, and being the bargain hunter that I am, managed to get it for £76.46 using a 10% off promotional code, not to mention free P&P. At first I was a little sceptical about this because the kit contains a hair straightener that look fantastic are selling for £89.99, which made no sense to me because the kit contains all this extra stuff for a smaller price.

So this lovely kit contains...

FHI Heat Platform 1 Inch Styling Iron

FHI Heat Platform Domed Styling Iron

FHI Heat Hot Sauce
thermal heat-activated conditioner

FHI Heat T-Rex Clips

Gosh, I still can't believe I got this all for £76!!
I cannot wait to give this hair straightener a try, It will be a lovely treat since I haven't used direct heat in a while. Although I have these lovely additions in my life, the use of direct heat will be still limited.
I would love to hear your opinions on the FHI, if any of you own it.


  1. Great buys :)

    Just letting you know I've featured you on my blog recommendation page here http://yolandaas.blogspot.com/p/great-blogs.html

    Take Care x


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