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Put The Scissors Down

Monday, 12 September 2011

Now I bet your wondering, 'hang on didn't she cut her hair a few weeks ago?' Yes! Yet I'm still chopping.
I've realised when I trimmed my hair before I was only focusing on the ends, so today I wanted to combat them ends that are shorter then the length of my hair (if that makes sense). So what I did was taking a small section of hair I wrapped it around my index finger, and pushed against the hair to show the ends and snipped! I did this all the way down the length of my hair and snipped off some ends. This method does take a while and I haven't even finished my whole head! My hair is probably uneven now but who cares! I'm one step closer to healthy hair woop!


  1. OMG I just did this method yesterday...took FOREVER. :[ My hair feels much better though, I will admit!

  2. It does doesn't it lol, yeee definitely worth all that time and effort. Thanks so much for the follow :)


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