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The Battle of the Clips

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Following on from my previous post about the metal clips, I went with my gut and ordered them and boy was I surprised.
These clips are perfect!!

I love the way the clips came packaged too!
Nice little box with a lid that flips open


The clip on the top is the metal clips I usually use for my rollersets, and the one on the bottom are the new ones I brought. Notice how the bottom clip has all that extra room, this will allow the clip to fit securely inside the roller.


                                                     New Clip                                                 Old Clip

My previous point is easily illustrated here, do you see how with the new clip, nothing is sticking out, whereas with the old clip you have the whole head which sits outside the roller.
This may cause problems when trying to secure rollers
 when you are running out of space on your head.

This picture here is just showing you both clips inside one roller.

My Verdict?
I have yet to use the new clips for a rollerset (I just got them in the post today),
but I can tell they are going to reduce the hassle I normally experience when rollersetting.

I think I will use my new clips for rollersetting duties, and
my old clips are for when I relax my hair.

Hope this was helpful!
For those who may be wondering
I brought the clips from amazon
If I recall correctly they were £5.59 with delivery included.

EDIT: My Verdict has changed, please read this NEW post


  1. Hi :) I tagged you for this hair blogger tag on my blog http://yolandaas.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/thats-that-stuff-i-dont-like-hair.html feel free to do it if you want, but don't feel like u have to.. xx :)

  2. Hi Shereen! Where did you get your rollers from? I'm having trouble finding smooth rollers, all of the ones I've seen have velcro on or some sort of self-grip which tangles in my hair so badly

  3. I have to order those! I stopped using the other clips because there was no room on my head to secure properly.

    1. Yesss!! order them, I can't wait to do a rollerset now :)

    2. Is the amazon link you provided for the same clips you ordered? Because I can't see on the pictures (on amazon) if they are the right ones. Thanks in advance :)

    3. Don't buy them hun, read my new post x

  4. I use the new clips you purchased for my roller sets and they make my life so much easier when it comes to placement because they sit flush against the roller. I used to use the old clips shown above and they would stick out and push rollers, it was so annoying. I think you're going to love the new clips.

    1. Them old clips are a pain aren't they, I used to be so angry sometimes having to deal with them when trying to get my rollers placed securely.
      I'm looking forward to my next rollerset now :)

  5. Oh yes, I've been using the "new" ones for years, but I keep my old ones for sectioning my hair pre-relaxer and pincurling. Great comparison!


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