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OMG Did they just say that?? Cringeee

Saturday, 12 May 2012

So I'm supposed to be studying right now, but got a little bored started searching the web and I came across this webpage from the BBC 'Relaxed Hair - The safe way to relax your hair'. For those who don't know who the BBC are, they are a massive broadcasting company in the UK.
Imagine my disgust when I read this...

 I don't recommend relaxing hair until you can afford to have it re-done at least every three weeks. If you don't re-do it regularly you risk your hair breaking off and falling out. The cuticle of the hair can be very rough and porous, so it's best to have a treatment first to smooth it down. This can sometimes do the job of a relaxer anyway. (note the sentence in bold was written like that on the site)

I'm actually in disbelief right now, 'at least every three weeks'?? Meaning one could get a relaxer sooner if they have the money? Whattt?!?!

'if you don't re-do it regularly you risk your hair breaking and falling out', falling out?!?! 

Imagine my shock horror when I read these tips were written by Michelle Sultan 'A stylist to the stars'. Surely a 'celebrity' hair stylist would know that is ludicrous!

The terminology used as well just... *shakes head* - Speechless

Your thoughts?


  1. Oh woooooww.... hence the reason that so many celebs that still have hair keep it weaved the heck up!! I can't imagine what my hair would look like if I relaxed it every three weeks! Yuck!

  2. She is an idiot. As a stylist how can you think that relaxing that often could be healthy? Thank god for hair forums and blogs.

  3. My thoughts exactly, so grateful for all the good blogs and forums I have come across.

  4. I know ye, the sad thing about it is, I know people who relax their hair that often smh

  5. Every three weeks? My new growth isn't even visible to the naked eye after 3 weeks! Oh my.
    In my opinion, this stylist cares more about keeping her clients dependent on her services and having them frequent the salon than helping her clients maintain healthy hair.

  6. I took a look at the BBC page. If she is suggesting relaxing every 3 weeks that is really really bad advise. I can't help thinking that it is a typo though and that the article is supposed to say 3 monhts which sits better with what you are supposed to do. I read some of the other articles written and they seem to be pretty coherent with healthy hair care so I'm thinking it might be a typo. I'm going to send them an email to request that they check it and update it otherwise people will run the risk of losing their hair if they follow that information.

  7. OMG, that is absolutely crazy?! Someone should write to them, telling them to change it, imagine if someone goes by these instructions :/ x


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