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Going Into Hair Boot Camp!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

When you have to juggle multiple assignments, reading, and having a job, taking care of your hair... (im ashamed to say) kinda takes a back seat smh. I still do my weekly dc's, but moisturising and sealing everyday is more like when I remember, or can be bothered.

Well now I'm taking a stand! Starting from Weds 7th my hair is going into boot camp. This means I will be moisturising and sealing everyday without fail, protective styling, deep conditioning weekly and I may throw in a little midweek co-wash in there if im feeling lucky haha.

I feel like I've come far on my hair journey, and  I don't want to see a setback because of my own laziness :(
Wish me luck! :D


  1. GOOD LUCK!! It's that part of the semester, lol!

  2. Wonderful blog, follow u, let's follow each other :)

  3. Thanks! Im so going to need it :(
    Good luck with you too

  4. Good luck hunn! & Thanks for the birthday wish.. x


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