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Finally Got My Relaxer, Results After 6months

Thursday, 12 January 2012

I have been wanting to do this post for this long!
My laptop was in for repair so I wasn't able to do any blogging, but without further or do...
This post is my official relaxer update, my last relaxer was on the 29th June over 6 months ago, the transformation of my hair is amazing (for me anyway), my hair just looks so much better.
Check out the pics...

Left: 29th June                                                                          Right: 7th January (After 1inch trim)
For this relaxer it was a little different, I went to a new stylist and they advised me on changing from the mizani butter blends to affirm fibreguard, my experience with mizani was good, I never experienced no burns, It gave my hair some straightness but I also had a lot of texture, and you know that phrase 'If it eint broke, then don't fix it?' hmm ye, I was a little reluctant to change relaxer because there was nothing wrong with the mizani butter blends, but I thought to myself, she's a stylist she must know what she's talking about right?

I told the stylist I still want some texture to my hair after it's been relaxed, so I won't know how straight the relaxer got my hair until my next wash on Sunday, which I'm pretty nervous about lol. But so far so good, I do not have anything negative to say about the relaxer, I experienced no burns, my hair feels pretty soft and moist which is good.

Im feeling pretty confident about my hair journey in 2012, even though I still haven't got my staple products, I'm still able to grow and retain my length, I'm positive that my breakage problem will be eliminated soon, so my goal for 2012 is to really maintain and improve the health of my hair, and enjoy the lengths that come with it.

I'm not sure whether I will be stretching for this long again, I was even considering relaxing my hair myself for my next relaxer, but because of the cost of mizani butter blends or the affirm fibureguard, going to the hair dressers might be a more affordable option for my small budget, unless I change relaxer again.

Take Care
Shereen x


  1. Great results! Your hair is really thick!!!

  2. Your hair looks really nice, Congrates :)
    It looks really thick and healthy hun.
    Kiwi ..x

  3. Im loving the thickness and length... bring on 2012! x

  4. thats a big difference you've come such a long way.. wish my hair was like that!.. x


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