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Monday, 19 December 2011

So on Saturday I decided to lightly straighten my hair (on 90degrees) and I was a little surprised with the transformation. The picture on the right was taken on 29th June (date of my last relaxer), and the picture on the left was just taken, apologies for the poor quality.
So I think I'm allowed to claim BSL? I won't be this length for long, when I get my relaxer in a few weeks time I want to have a decent trim, I've been saying 2inches, but to tell you the truth I don't even know how big (or small) 2inches is lol.
Hopefully I get my relaxer next week, if not the week after. Stay tuned for the update!


  1. Great growth/retention!!!! Looks like BSL to me and you made it there soo quick. *a little jealous here..jk*

  2. Nice progress - You can def claim BSL...even if it's only until your next trim!

  3. Based on the pic on the left, I would say your hair is BSL! Congrats (even if it's temporary lol)!

  4. Hey.. no worries and your hair looks great! Thats what I want my hair to be like.. mine is shorter and thinner than that.. Take Care xx


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