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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Hey ladies, I washed my hair over the weekend and did a rollerset. I forgot to do a post about it, so without further or do...

 Pre Shampoo Treatment - dove damage therapy intensive repair express treatment conditioner mixed with some olive oil. I applied a plastic cap on my hair and left the conditioner on there for 20 minutes.
Shampoo - Coconut VO5 shampoo followed by giovanni 50:50 balanced
Coffee Rinse
Deep condition - Giovanni smooth as silk conditioner + grapeseed oil I went under the dryer for 30 minutes
 Leave ins - HE beautiful ends + cantu serum
Then finally went onto rollerset my hair using the mohawk arrangement. (My hair was 90% dry before I roller setted. I just re-wet each section with water before placing in the rollers).

I really like the giovanni smooth as silk conditioner, I love the ingredients and my hair always feels soft and moisturised after using this product. I think I may have found a staple product!!

I stayed under the dryer for about 1 hour and 10 minutes, my hair wasn't completely dry but I couldn't take being under there any longer. I did a quick spritz of my aussie heat protectant and used my hand held dryer on the back rollers because they were a little 'damp'. Despite not staying under the dryer for long enough, I think my rollerset came out alright. Picture 3 was just after I finger combed the curls out, I was going to keep it curly but I didn't like how it looked at all haha, so I just did a saran wrap (stayed under the dryer for about 10 minutes) then finished!


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