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Product Spotlight: VO5 Nourish Me Truly

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

My hair was feeling a little dry, so I decided to co-wash to boost some moisture into my hair.
My process of co-washing is as follows: I drench my hair with water for a few minutes, then saturate my hair with conditioner, then I carry on with my regular shower routine, then finally I rinse out the conditioner and do a final rinse with coldish water.

  • The price, picked this up for a pound, from poundland.
  • The amount of oils this conditioner has.
  • Pleasant smell.
  • The last 10 (or so) ingredients.
  • It contains sulfates.

Ingredients: Water, cetearyl alcohol, cyoclopentasiloxane, steramidopropyl dimethylamine, cyclohexasiloxane, hydrolysed keratin, jojoba seed oil, apriot kernel oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, argania spinosa kernel oil, rosemary leaf extract,  sunflower seed oil, tocopheryl acetate, aspartic acid, dimethicone, quaternium-18, citric acid, disodium edta, peg-20 castor oil, behenamidopropyl, dimethylamine, isostearamidopropyl ethyldimonium ethosulfate, peg-9 sodium laureth sulfate, methychloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone, parfum, hexyl cinnamal, citronellol.

Verdict: When my hair was damp I wasn't really impressed with the conditioner, my hair just felt OK. But when my hair was dry, it strangely felt soft and moisturised. The conditioner gave me plenty slip on wet hair, which is good for detangling process. 

Overall I give this conditioner 3/5! 


  1. What is that!?!

    I've never seen that here, I want!

    I have enough V05 condish but I'm a sucker for packaging.

  2. haha! you made me laugh :)

    When I think about it, most my co-wash conditioners are V05.

    I'm sure the US will have this conditioner! If not a better version of it.

  3. this vo5 looks very interesting

  4. I havn't looked through your blog yet but , are you trying to grow your hair long? I am and I've started to use all organic stuff.. I just wrote about it actually .. http://yolandaas.blogspot.com/2011/09/hair-tips.html .. and yh i have afro hair too x

  5. @Yolandaas
    Yup! I'm trying to get my hair to a healthy state, then I'm going to try and grow it long.

    One of future goals, is to use all natural products.
    Have you checked out giovanni? I've had some good results with their smooth as silk conditioner.

    I will defiantly check out your blog! :)


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