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HOTD - Frizzy Mess

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Back with another hair of the day. I did a cowash on my hair thursday and left it to air dry. Since then I didn't alter my hair I just left alone and whola! Despite it being a frizzy mess I kinda like it :) 

Omg can you see the new growth on my edges??
 I didn't notice them until today, making slow progress but I'm happy!

Shot from the back

This hairstyle is so not protective, but I couldn't resist :( 


  1. your hair looks really nice :-)Hope you have a lovely day and stay blessed :-)

  2. You got a lot of growth.. I cant wait to relax mine.. Keep it up hun xx

  3. @Yolandaas
    Thank you chick :)
    I'm currently on a 6 month stretch, I hope to relaxer in December. Me too! im so tempted to end my stretch but I'm going to stick in there.
    Thanks for stopping by xx


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