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Hair Care On A University/College Budget

Saturday, 19 November 2011

For those of us studying away from home, it can be really difficult balancing your money on food, travel expenses etc but most importantly hair care (in terms of my blog). I thought it would be a good idea to share some tips of how I look after my hair on a budget, and for those of you who have tips, come and share them!

  • Pound shops!
    Checkout your local pound shop (dollar store for the US ladies) for some hair products/tools bargains!
    My nearest pound shop a good range of hair products from conditioners, hair grips, pins, water spray bottles, even those hair dye bowls and brushes.
  • Pharmacy/drug store deals!
    Boots and superdrug are always having some kind of hair care promotions deal, whether its 3 for 2, or buy 1 get 1 free (aussie going on at superdrug currently if I remember correctly). This is also a great way to try new products ranges as well.
  • Following on from the second point, get yourselves a boots advantage card and a superdrug beauty card, collecting points from purchases and using them as discount to future purchases is brilliant, means you can save that extra £1 or so for something else ;)

    Cheap moisture spritz
  • whenever a conditioner bottle of mine is on it's way out, I mix it with water (2 parts water, 1 part conditioner) and use it as a leave in/moisture mix in a spray bottle. Cheap quick way to add some moisture back into your hair (don't forget to seal with an oil/butter after).
  • ebay + amazon are your best friends!
    If I'm wanting to try a new product out, I always see if I can get it cheaper from ebay or amazon.(Make sure your always buying from reputable buyers from ebay).
  • Do not jump on bandwagons, if you have found something that works for you stick with it. By all means research products ladies claim to have success with, but don't feel the need to run out and go buy it because it works for them, it may not work for you, and might I add jumping on bandwagons is expensive! 
Take Care!

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  1. Great tips!1 And thanks for the comment about the Elf brushes.. I will probably try them soon.. xx


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