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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Freshly washed hair today!
(excuse the messy parting)

< If I knew how to relax my hair, I would so do it right now. Don't get me wrong I love the pros of stretching but when it comes to styles I'm such a bore! I either opt for the high bun or sometimes I feel have it down, and 100% of the time my hair is curly because I always plait it before I go to bed.
My straighteners have broke, I do not own a hand held dryer (which I guess is a blessing and a curse), the only heat appliance I have with me is my hooded dryer, but roller setting is out the question! I do not have the patience for that with all this new growth, so I guess I won't be having my hair straight until my hair gets relaxed.

I Kept today's wash day pretty simple because I was in a lazy mood. I deep conditioned on dry hair (with a mix of herbal essences replenishing conditioner and lo'real elvive full restore masque), left that on my hair for 2 hours while I went to sleep, once I found the strength to get out of bed I jumped in the shower washed out the deep conditioner did a quick co-wash, applied leave ins (Elasta QP h2o, Giovanni direct leave in + olive oil) and I am air drying as we speak.

I cannot wait to relax my hair, and show you guys the picture I took on my last relaxer day in June. Even when my hair is wet and curly it looks so much better and healthier than that picture! Which is really good news, it's nice to know I'm making progress at my own rate.


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