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9 weeks and 3 days Post Relaxer + Update

Saturday, 3 September 2011

So I'm currently 9 weeks post, and stretching seems to be going alright. Im not sure how much new growth I have, as Im not good with measurements haha, if anyone wants to have a little estimate feel free to tell me!
Today I co-washed with Vo5 give me moisture conditioner, and I used a bit of this conditioner as a leave-in, then I just put my hair in a bun. I later moisturised with ORS Olive Oil and sealed with some JBCO. Currently my hair feels soft, I can run my fingers through my hair and not experience any breakage which is always a good sign :)

Every other day I spray my new growth with Sta Sof Fro Hair spray, then give my scalp a little massage to distribute the spray evenly amongst the new growth.

I stopped applying my sulphur oil mix because of my laziness, but I am going to continue to do this at least twice a week now.

Im also going to incoropate some weekly/bi-weekly protein treatments using aphogee 2 minute.

I've done the occasional green house effect on my hair. I might try to make it apart of my routine, on the days I don't use my sulphur mix.

Anyone else stretching? Share your tips!


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